AnyOption Review

AnyOption is one of the largest binary options trading platforms on the internet. Founded in 2008, the site is available to people all over the world in 14 different languages. Their name is based on their company slogan “anyone can trade.” AnyOption claims to be a platform suitable for beginning traders. It works just like any binary options platform: Users choose an asset and expiry time and then select either a call or put option to make a prediction on the direction of the asset prediction is correct, traders make 60-71% on the trade. AnyOption depends on Thomson Reuters for its pricing and expiry dates.

AnyOption gives you back 15% refund of your investment when the option expires out-of-the-money. Several of the binary options platforms do not refund any money you invest. This is a great feature on the AnyOption platform. It means that if you were to invest $100 in a Call option and the price went down at the expiry date, you will be refunded $15 instead of nothing. Their asset index includes US stocks, European assets and a few Asia Pacific assets, such as Mitsubishi and CPIC Group. The US assets are mostly well-known companies, such as Walt Disney, Morgan Stanley, Goldcorp, Bank of America, and Amazon.

It has some unique options on the platform, such as Option+, a feature that allows you to extend the expiry date of previously purchased assets. Option+ is only available for a limited number of assets right now, including Apple, Facebook and Google. The platform also has a mobile app that gives you SMS trading options.

AnyOption has an “interactive demo” which is unfortunately not very interactive. It shows you how easy it is to purchase a Call or Put option, but it does not allow you to choose the company you are investing in or choose a specific expiry date. Overall, the demo has the feel of a prepackaged sales tool rather than a live demonstration of the platform.

AnyOption lets you deposit funds into your account with credit cards, debit cards or bank transfers. Users pick a currency upon registration and cannot change it later. Currency options are US dollars Euros and British Pounds. The minimum funding requirement is not too bad at $100. You do not need to fund the account until you are ready to make your first trade.

You can make one withdrawal every month free of charge; additional withdrawals cost 30 US dollars. If you change your mind about withdrawing money and want to keep money in the account to make a trade, AnyOption has what they call “reverse withdrawal,” which discontinues the withdrawal request you made. There is no pause in the system when you make a reverse withdrawal; the money is available for trading immediately. The company has a 24/7 customer service support including a call-back feature which tells support to give you a call to help you with your issue.