TradeRush Review

When selecting an online trading website there are a number of things you should consider, most important among them being that the brokerage you select is competent, established and provides the support and tools necessary for you to succeed. This article will review Trade Rush, a binary trading website. As it says on their webpage, with Trade Rush you can trade binaries in the form of Forex, stocks, commodities and options. The total number of assets available for trading on Trade Rush numbers over 100. Trade Rush claims to offer an unmatched 81% maximum return on 60 second option trading. Since binaries are a fairly new way to trade Trade Rush is naturally a very new brokerage, having come about in 2011. If you are tenacious about trading with binaries or choosing Trade Rush as your binary trader, you can open a demo account and practice with fake money before depositing any real cash into your account. When you do decide to deposit cash, you can do it with a credit or debit card or wire funds.

Visually, Trade Rush’s website is very clean and easy to navigate with a simple interface. You can navigate to the various tabs at the top of the screen to find what you are looking for. In the event you have a question or concern you can call them for live assistance 2 AM to 2 PM EST Monday through Friday. If you are confused about how Binary Trading works, there is a simple FAQ page laid out with very simple explanations to each question you may have. Binary Trading is fairly simple but it’s good to be informed on how it works. Each trade has a stock chart with the question “Will (Stock) go UP or DOWN?” You simply select Call or Put in determining whether the stock will increase or decrease and you are offered a return or loss based on whether your prediction was correct. This is essentially the same for all binary trading websites and Trade Rush is certainly no different. Since they offer a wide variety of different things to trade, it’s probably good to practice with the demo account to see just what will work best for you.

Overall, the best aspect of Trade Rush compared to other binary traders is its very simple and easy to use interface. The live help and assistance also makes it better in the event you have a serious question and need immediate assistance. The site’s 81% maximum possible return may seem negligible but it probably helps out in the long run. If you are interested in binary trading Trade Rush may be for you. It depends on what your overall level of expertise in binary trading is. For a beginner, Trade Rush is probably a great option, but a more experienced and seasoned investor may want to look into trading elsewhere.